Massage therapy is based on the biomechanical model many other therapies use, including
physiotherapy and chiropractic.


Assessment is a major focus in this treatment model – proper assessment of pathological conditions and physiological structures will keep the client safe and increase the understanding of their physiological conditions. Once proper assessment has been completed, sound massage treatment techniques are used to complete therapy.

For shorter treatments a massage chair can allow a therapist to treat a client for a range of conditions from general relaxation to certain thoracic (mid-spine) and lumbar (abdominal) dysfunctions. For longer, more complete treatments a plinth (massage table) is used so a full range of manual orthopedic (musculoskeletal) tests and extrinsic treatments (e.g., stretching, ranges of motion) can be administered to determine the exact cause of musculoskeletal conditions.

You may factor massage services into your healthcare insurance spending budget:
$500/year = 12 x 30-minute treatments
$300/year = 12 x 15-minute treatments